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Delerium - Voice: An Acoustic Collection - CD Cover
image © Nettwerk Productions 2010

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(22 October 2010) In extra sharp contrast to the 2009 Delerium compilation Remixed: The Definitive Collection, Bill Lieb's latest offering is Voice: An Acoustic Collection (Nettwork (Canada) 0 6700 30850 2 1, 2010). The twelve track record is comprised of three all new tracks and nine acoustic versions of Delerium favorites. Overall, like the recent Balligomingo release, the album has a singer/songwriter feel. But make no mistake, even without the legendary rhythm section, this is certainly a Delerium album. Ten of Delerium's stunning female vocalists are featured.

The album opens with a great Miranda Lee Richards rendition of Delerium's classic "Send Me An Angel" backed with piano and gentle key washes. An acoustic version of the R&B styled "Dust In Gravity" performed by Keesha Turner follows. Several versions of the track were released on an EP in 2009. Butterfly Boucher, who also sings on the 2010 Conjure One album Exilarch by Lieb's colleague Rhys Fulber, is featured on the previously unreleased piano ballad "Too Late, Farewell." Soaring at times, Boucher's crystalline vocals are superb.

The acoustic version of the Delerium classic "Silence" performed by Sarah McLachlan is stunning. With light percussion, layers of sublime vocals work well with the stark arrangement. Enthusiasts will be delighted with the world texture of the arrangements backing Leigh Nash's (Sixpence None The Richer) wonderful performance of "Innocente." Nash also contributes vocal work to the lightly yet electronic arranged and lovely rendition of "Orbit Of Me." With an accorion sound, the texture of the arrangement is especially rich.

We were delighted to hear Jael's powerful, evocative and sensual vocal work in the stunning acoustic arrangement of "Lost And Found." Harmony layers and rich strings contribute to the lush arrangements. The singer is also featured on the acoustic version of the Delerium hit "After All." The vocal production is especially crisp with Jael's voice pushed way up in the mix far above the stings and piano.

No Delerium collection would be complete without a contribution by Musical Discoveries Featured Artist Kristy Thirsk. The sensually delivered acoustic version "Flowers Become Screens" is the album's standout. Perfectly backed by Delerium's full depth acoustic arrangement, the track explores the full range of Kristy Thirsk's vocal prowess. The power of her vocalise is awe inspiring. Similarly, Zoë Johnson contributes an acoustic and primarily piano backed version of "Love." The down tempo track captures the sensitivity of the singer's whispy voice.

The final unreleased track entitled "Vienna" is performed by Nettwerk artist Elsiane [Caplette] whose 2007 album Hybrid drew critical acclaim and interest from Bjork fans worldwide. Light yet warm strings perfectly underpin the singer's unique vocal sound in this crisp Delerium production. The album concludes with the acoustic version of "Angel" sung by Rachel Fuller. The production of the singer's vocal work is especially noteworthy as are the string arrangements in this outstanding track.

While an all new Delerium album is anxiously awaited by their loyal following, Voice: An Acoustic Collection is atremendous singer songwriter styled compilation of Delerium classics that features of their most stunning female singers.This is a tremendous project certain to please both regular and new visitors to this website. Bravo!

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