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Jennie Hunter - Feel The Fire - CD Cover
image © Jennie Hunter 2010

Jennie Hunter
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image © Jennie Hunter 2010


(20 November 2010) Jennie Hunter is an American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. The artist's debut album, Feel The Fire (Self-released (USA), 2010), is comprised of eleven melodically and harmonically rich songs that prominently feature the piano. There are strong allusions to Tori Amos and weaker references to Kate Bush's work.

The artist's official (www.jenniehunter.com) website is under construction however she has a presence on both Facebook and MySpace. From the artist's Facebook page, "the piano and her uniquly feminine voice unite the otherwise atmospherically different songs that flow through standard rock, electronic and piano-based arrangements. The lyrics explore passion and desire through dreamlike images."

Producer Claudio Valenzuela creates a diverse yet interconnected soundscape where each song's intrinsic style is accentuated and developed. Recorded and mixed in Santiago, Chile, Feel The Fire showcases Chilean musicians Claudio Valenzuela (Lucybell) on guitars, bass and sequences and Cote Foncea (Dracma, Lucybell) on drums. Jennie has previously collaborated with Claudio, providing background vocals on his album Gemini (Accidental Muzik, 2009) and playing keyboards on the subsequent tour.

The producer has done an oustanding job handling Jennie's high, almost child-like, voice and the arrangements, varying between richer Amos-like arrangements and delicate piano ballads. Jennie's songwriting and vocal work are superb across the album's tracks. Album standouts include the opening title track and the very robust and upbeat mid-album "Magda."

The album is balanced between upbeat numbers, piano ballads and electronic rock numbers. "The Way It Was" is one of the album's Amos-style electronically acompanied piano numbers. Jennie's powerful voice glides atop the lovely arrangement. In contrast, "Jinx The Mojave" is more stark, Jennie's voice glistening amongst piano-rich arrangements. Listen for the depth that the producer has put behind voice and piano. "Love Bug" is an upbeat, piano-driven, number with vocal work way up in the mix, lovely arrangements underneath the singer's stunning voice.

"Shell" is stripped right back. Here Jennie's vocals shine above a gentle piano and soft keyboard washes. The piano is richer in "Nothing Wrong." Listen to Jennie's heartfelt vocal work tenderly sung atop the piano delivering the melody in this lovely track. Upbeat electronic arrangements provide the backdrop for "Won't Be Home For Christmas." Despite the depth of the arrangements, Jennie's voice is not overpowered. On the more downtempo "Diabolical," rich arrangements include crisp percussion and a lush bass line. Here the vocalist's prowess is demonstrated with a wide range, clear diction and crystalline delivery.

Like on "Shell" the arrangements for "Fall" are stripped right back to bare piano and the song is wonderfully performed. The album concludes with a final piano and keyboard wash arranged piece called "Wake Of Your Sleep." It is perhaps Jennie's most tenderly delivered song on the album. The keyboard elements provide a lovely warmth to the number.

A download of Jennie Hunter's debut album Feel The Fire is available at amazon.com for a remarkable price of only $5.99. Download the title track from Jennie's FaceBook page. Jennie's debut is an outstanding singer songwriter project. Production and vocal work are tops. We are sure to hear a lot more from this artist!

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