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Sara Groban - Notes From Underground - CD Cover
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\r\nversion released April 2, 2011
\r\nimage © A & R Select 2011

Sara Groban
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image © A & R Select 2011

Sara Groban - The Thread Of Things - CD Cover
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Sara's first seven-track album
image © Sara Groban 2009

Sara Groban
image © A & R Select 2011


(31 July 2011) Originally from Palm Desert, California, Sara Groban is an independent singer/songwriter. She has played guitar for nine years and has been composing her own music since the age of thirteen. Now aged twenty, her influence came from her brother Ehren Groban. Her new album is entitled Notes From Underground (A&R Select (USA), 2011).

Notes From Underground is comprised of tracks that span the artist's current repertoire of folky acoustic tracks and upbeat pop-oriented rock numbers. "Seasons" is the first track. Sara is accompanied by acoustic guitar. "The song is meant to represent the different parts of a relationship that change over time with negative and positive influences," says Sara.

She continues, "Relationships are hard emotionally and physically and the yearning to move forward without dragging in the past puts an emotional toll on ones sytem." These types of emotions are ever present in this song. Her eloquent introduction with acoustic guitar brings an authentica natural feel to this song. Sara's vocals are tender, yet contain power when needed. The sensations that flow are the feeling of calm and peace. "Seasons" is a very introspective song told through a storyteller's heart through her glorious music.

"Trust" is a more upbeat and fully arranged pop song with more robust rock arrangements. Sara's power is underscored by harmony vocals. Listeners are certain to adore the combination of Sara's tender vocal work and the thicker instrumentals. "Try To Relate" is a fast paced rock song that further illustrates the power of Sara's voice and talents of her own guitar work and of her backing band.

The balance of our six track promo copy is comprised of acoustically oriented tracks that vary between singer songwriter and folk styles. "No Accusations" is sung powerfully atop acoustic guitar and light rock arrangements. "Nothings Gonna Change" is a nice ballad that Sara sings with lone acoustic guitar. "Misery Loves Company" is a tender acoustic track with melancholy vocals that give the song a folky texture.

Listeners should note that the songs from this release include those from her former album The Thread Of Things (Sara Groban (USA) 2009). The track list of her first release is: "Misery Loves Company," "No Accusations," "Nothings Gunna Change," "Used Replacements," "Dark Pastels," "Petrified" and "Downtown." Sara's first seven-track album was self-released in January 2009 and is available digitally. Three additional tracks are available on the new release(s).

About her debut album Sara told us, "The Thread of Things was a compilation of those four tracks that I went to LA to record in 2008. Notes From Underground is basically the same album with the same tracks." She told us that the only difference is the addition of six new tracks that were recorded in 2011.

She continued, "Instead of making the [recordings] two separate EPs, I felt since there were only ten songs altogether, to just combine both of them to make the final EP, Notes From Underground in 2011." Concerned in how listeners would perceive the work she said, "... I feel that one half of the EP is heavily layered and more complex while the other half is significantly simplified in terms of arrangement, which has had me contemplating only releasing just the six new songs so as to make it a more powerful EP with less flaws."

Sara Groban is a multi-generational artist that brings her wonderful folk/pop songs to the masses. No matter what age you are, what gender you are, what personality you have, her music will touch your soul. Her new album Notes From Underground is a compilation of songs that represent snippets of her life whether they be melancholy or joyous, you'll experience both with Sara.

The new recording Notes From Underground is available digitally from amazon.com and at other outlets. Two versions are available there, one released on April 1 and the other April 2, 2011 that offer the same tracks but with slightly different running orders and cover artwork. It is obvious that musical talent runs through her family as Josh Groban is her cousin. While this is Sara's second release, be sure to watch for more from this very talented emerging artist.

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