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Candice Night - Reflections - CD Cover
image © Minstral Hall Music 2011

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(23 October 2011) Candice Night is best known as the front woman for Blackmore's Night, an acoustic folk rock band formed with Ritchie Blackmore. Since the couple's first outing on Shadows of the Moon in 1997, the singer has continued to grow not only musically but in notariety. She has contributed her vocal work as a guest to Beto Vazquez Infinity and other projects that demonstrate her vocal chops, diversity and showcase her talent. In 2002, the artist released her first single "Alone With Fate" b/w "Call It Love." Her first debut album is a ten track project entitled Reflections (Minstrel Hall Music (USA) MHM 0527, 2011).

All ten tracks on Reflections are written and produced by Candice Night. Credits given in the album's booklet include producer Pat Regan and violin Elizabeth Cary. The artist is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist, therefore the balance of the arrangements, including the stunning instrumental piece "In Time" were likely performed by Candice or the producer. The physical jewel-cased album is delivered with a lovely twelve-page booklet including full lyrics and high quality Candice Night photos.

In contrast to Night's first single that was more simply arranged, Reflections is lush, with strong allusions to Blackmore's Night work missing only the instrumental riffs and vast guitar or other six string excursions that the full band is known for. Most tunes are radio friendly both in style and running time. The powerful mid-tempo opening number "Wind Is Calling" clearly sets the mood for the rest of the album. Night's vocal layers draw the listener in from the first verse. Soaring solos illustrate the singer's crystalline texture.

The album opens with the accessible "Alone With Fate," an upbeat track with obvious single potential. Night's crystalline solos soar above instrumentals while multi-layered parts contribute texture elsewhere. In contrast, "Gone Gone Gone" is a bluesy rock number with more robust arrangements featuring guitar and crisp percussion. An album standout is rocker "Dangerous Smile." Raunchy electric guitar and a powerful rhythm section are supported by harmony vocals yet Night's solos soar well above them and serve to illustrate the singer's power.

Ballads draw on the singer songwriter's work with Blackmore's Night. "Black Roses" and the new edition of "Now And Then" have very strong allusions to her work with the band, the latter song appearing in its first incarnation on Under a Violet Moon in 1999. "For You" is a gently-arranged ballad. Rich orchestral instrumentals perfectly echo the lead vocal melody. The singer's voice shines against almost no arrangements in "Robin Red Breast," a perfect lullaby for the artist's baby.

Reflections also includes tracks to widen the artist's appeal to American audiences. "Call It Love" is a singer songwriter styled track with the type of lush arrangements that might be found on a country album. The album's final lyrical number is the artist's new and improved rendition of "Alone With Fate." Featuring rich violin solos, Night's vocals soar atop this Blackmore's Night-styled standout track.

Long awaited, Candice Night's debut solo album delivers ten outstanding tracks done outside the confines of Blackmore's Night. It not only demonstrates her virtuousity and diversity as a musical performer but illustrates the strength of her own singing and songwriting. Bravo!

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