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Naimee Coleman
Image © 2000\r\n\r\nEMI Records Ltd

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Bring Down The Moon (2001)

Naimee Coleman - My Star Artwork
Image © 2001 EMI Records Ltd

(23 November 2000) Naimee Coleman's second album isentitled Bring Down The Moon. Due out in early 2001 on Chrysalis,Musical Discoveries editors were provided with a five track samplerto whet our appetite for her new release. Naimee's debut albumSilver Wrists (Chrysalis Records (UK) CD SIL1, 1997) receivedcritical acclaim internationally as well as in one of the first reviewspublished at Musical Discoveries. Anyone interested even remotely in The Corrs' music will be enthralled with Naimee's work.

The success of that album in Ireland elicited invitations for Naimee to perform with the likes of Donal Lunny and Sinead O'Connor and to co-wrte with songwriters in Nashville, and in Miles Copeland's castle retreat in the South of France. Other writers involved included Go-Go girl Jane Wiedlin, Paul Brady and former Police drummer and movie soundtrack favourite Stewart Copeland. Some of the results of these songwriterbrainstorming sessions will be found on the forthcoming album. It wasproduced by Ian Stanley. The first single from the album is Naimee'sinterpretation of The Cure classic "Love Song," released in November and following on from her top five single success with "Ordinary World," featuring Aurora.

Our five-track album sampler from Bring Down The Moon(Chrysalis (UK) naimeedj001, 2000), for promotional use only, begins with"Love Song." While the lyrics are almost spoken in spots of this melancholy song, rich vocal harmonies in the chorus are unmistakably Naimee Coleman. Instrumentals are sparse but effectively support the lovely lead vocal part. "Sugar Me" is a highly accessible balladwith crisp percussion and contemporary instrumentation supporting Naimee's evocative lead and backing vocals. The pop-oriented upbeat "My Star" demonstrates a strong resemblence to the music of The Corrs.Naimee's lead vocals soar while her backing vocal arrangements blendwith contemporary and traditional instrumentals, highlighted in atremendous bridge.

Especially rich instrumental arrangements supportlayers of stunning vocals in the lightly rocking track "Standing Strong." Contrasts include a stunning vocal lead and in the versesand lovely harmonies in chorus that highlighted string arrangements.The album's title track, "Bring Down The Moon," is a dynamicallyarranged piece moving back and forth between a sensitive ballad andrichly arranged pop-oriented track. The power, range and depth ofNaimee's vocal talent rises above the well-played and -arranged instrumentals and carries the track.

Our patient wait for Naimee's follow up to SilverWrists is quickly coming to an end. The five-track album samplerreveals significant artistic development along a line parallel withThe Corrs. While Irish roots remain the artist's drive towards acontemporary sound is equally evident. You can order Naimee Coleman's self-titled album from amazon.comhere.Stay tuned to Musical Discoveries for our full album review and exclusive interview with the artist. Naimee's sampler is certainly indicative that the new ablum will be worth a trans-Atlantic journey-a must listen.

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