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Naimee Coleman
Image © 2001 EMI Records Ltd

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Naimee Coleman
Image © 2001 EMI Records Ltd

(03 June 2001) The latest album from Ireland's Naimee Coleman isentitled Bring Down The Moon (EMI/Chrysalis (Ireland), 2001)comes on the heels of her hit single "My Star" released in both album and slower string-rich Tin Tin Out Mix versions. All tracks onthe new album (except "Love Song" by The Cure) were co-writtenby Naimee and produced by Ian Stanley (Tears For Fears and ToriAmos). Phil Thornally (who wrote Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn" co-wrote the highly accessible "My Star" and "Sugar Me."

It's been over four years now since the release of her Coleman'sdebut album Silver Wrists (Lime/Chrysalis (Ireland) CD SIL1, 1996). Naimee feels more comfortable with her honest, heartfelt and true songwriting talents than with any perceived image of her as yet another attractive female singer. "I've grown up a lot since the release of the first album. I hope I'm a little bit wiser. I still have the exact same goals, and I still love and enjoy music as much as I've always done," says Naimee.

The album is comprised of eleven—primarily heartfelt ballad-oriented—tracks, including the lushly arranged "Hold On" and the layered contemporary arrangement of "Sparkle." "Sugar Me" is a highly accessible ballad with crisp percussion and contemporary instrumentation supporting Naimee's highly evocative lead and backing vocals. One can't but help be reminded of The Corrs. The title track is a slowly sung ballad sung over the lightest of contemporary arrangements, however,the lush chorus is performed over a robust arrangement.

While the lyrics are almost spoken in spots of "Love Song," a melancholy tune, rich vocal harmonies in the chorus are unmistakably Naimee Coleman. Instrumentals are sparse but effectively support the lovely lead vocal part. "Delicate" is equally sensitive, sungover the lightest cello and piano-based arrangement. Crossing theboundary between heartfelt ballad and mid-tempo pop tune with itslush keyboard and guitar arrangement is "Altered." "Your Arms,"which closes out the album, is the final heartfelt ballad sungover the lightest guitar- and string-based arrangements.

Upbeat pop-oriented tracks include the first single from the album, "My Star," and the orchestrally lush and highly accessiblevery-Corrs-sounding "Standing Strong." The techno-style mix of "Misunderstood" firmly plants the album into the pop genre whilelayers of tenderly and sensually sung vocals indicate unmistakablythat this is Naimee Coleman's work.

Naimee Coleman's latest album Bring Down The Moon is available from 18 June 2001. You can find further information,soundbites, video and lovely photographs at Naimee's website and orderthe album from amazon.comhere. Clearly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, this albumis a must listen!

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