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Trippa EP Cover
Image © Blue Silver Management 1999

Christina Booth and Rob Reed
Trippa: Rob Reed and Christina Booth
Photo: Dave Daggers
Image © Tigermoth Productions 2007

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(13 March 2002) Trippa is an emerging indie rock project frontedby Christina Murphy and Rob Reed. Frequent visitors willrecall the duo are two of the principal artists behind Cyanand Magenta (feature) whose album Revolutions was named 2001 Best New Albumby Musical Discoveries.

The lineup for Trippa's debut (self-titled) four-track EP (Blue Silver Management (UK) BSMF001, 1999) also includes contributions by Rhiannon Stundon (backing vocals) and Ryan Aston (drums). Best described as 'a contemporary Eurythmics for the new millennium,' Trippa mix their own brand of edgy industrial pop with soaring orchestral arrangements. While the Trippa project led Rob and Christina to form Magenta, listeners may well recognise origins of Trippa's sound in several of Cyan's earlier recordings.

The upbeat rock tune "Where Are You" opens the Trippa EP.Christina's evocatively soaring vocals are supported by lovely harmony layers and rich instrumental arrangements. Lyrics are perfectly complimented by spaceflight-oriented sound effects. In "Falling," vast guitar excursions provide the foundation ofthe almost-spoken verses and melodic choruses.

Thickly-arranged orchestral-style keyboards are contrasted by a stand-out bass part to compliment Christina's powerful and sensual lead vocal--almost growling at times--in "Drowning." The EP concludes with "Never Gonna Be The Same," a sensitively sung track that combines ballad-style verses with a rocking guitar-laden chorus.

Voted 'Record of the Week' by Virgin Radio when initially released in 1999, the Trippa EP remains generally available from F2 Music (UK). With numerous TV appearances behind them, the band are destined for great things. They have recorded material to fill several albums and are planning their first full-length release for late 2002. Additional photographs and further information on Trippa is available at Rob Reed's rapidly evolving Magenta website.

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