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(30 June 2002) Canadian folk/rock chanteuse Jody Quine is definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on. Although known for her vocal contributions to Garrett Schwarz's Balligomingo project on the songs "Purify" and "Privilege," Jody Quine's solo release, Star demonstrates that Jody is both a gifted and passionate singer and songwriter.

According to her website, Jody first discovered her calling as a vocalist when she stepped up to an open mic to perform lead vocals in front of a live audience. Thereafter, Jody spent several years in Vancouver and Toronto developing her guitar-playing and songwriting abilities. Jody has also studied acting and performed in numerous stage and theatre productions as well as travelled through the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Each track on Star is worthy of mention and unique in its own right--neverthless, the following songs are particularly noteworthy: "Don't Remind" me exudes a k.d. lang-influenced langorousness that is simultaneously smart and sexy. By using dubbed harmonies, Jody captures the vision of a honey-laden afternoon in the sun. The lush and melancholy "Astounded" is a beautiful folksy piece; acoustic guitars caress Jody's pure and intimate voicings. This one could very well be a hit if it received wide play.

That sense of rural decay and night-hidden danger so perfectly captured by many Cowboy Junkies songs is recreated in the song "Long Wolf." A mesmerizing guitar plays an almost lullaby-ish lead that continuously circles while Jody's voice weaves a sense of regret and lonliness.

Sarah McLachlan could have easily penned the noirish "Superman" with its groovy organ and string tracks and laid-back funky percussion. A highly impressive debut, "Star" announces the arrival of a new voice that would fit comfortably in that Canadian panoply of female singer/songwriters which also includes Sarah McLachlan, Tara MacLean, Mae Moore and k.d. lang. With a powerful and genuinely lovely voice, penetrating lyrics, and compelling music, Jody Quine is no doubt headed for big things. We enthusiastically recommend "Star" and eagerly await Jody's next album.--Justin Elswick

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