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Heidi Vincent - This Time - CD Cover
Image © Heidi Vincent 2003

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Image © Heidi Vincent 2003


(updated 28 January 2004) Coming from a musical family and growing up on a healthy diet of The Beatles, Cranberries, Elvis, Annie Lennox and U2 certainly inspired the musical aspirations of Heidi Vincent. After a decade of cultivating her vocal style, Heidi began writing poetry at the age of seventeenand developed her songwriting skills with a guitar in 1999. Over the years, her composition style evolved into a series of intimate portraits of her life and experiences as an artist and human being. Her work was brought to Musical Discoveries attention by Vic Levak (Balligomingo).

2001 saw the release of Heidi Vincent’s self-titled EP, which was produced by Vic Levak (Delerium, Balligomingo). Heidi supported the EP with a series of stellar performances throughout the year. Heidi was further featured on Eric Moran's 2001 film, Where High Meets Low. The film includes nine intimate acoustic songs by Heidi, which have additionally received airplay by the BBC and several west coast radio stations.

The wait will be over soon, as Heidi Vincent releases her full-length CD This Time. With this collection of new songs, Heidi promises to engage the listener with a dynamic blend of textured melodies and rich infectious guitar licks over groove-laden beats. Heidi has a remarkable vocal versatility that is powerful and demands attention yet can be candid, uncomplicated and sometimes naive. Lyrically she depicts life experiences and takes the audience on a personal musical journey.

From the poignant vulnerability expressed in "Star," to the request for absolution in "Human," Heidi captures the listener immediately. Heidi's remarkable vocal versatility and lyrics draw the listener into the realm of life's struggles and emotions. The final selection from the demo is "Girl," a tender rock-oriented and evocatively sung ballad. Lovers of the latter day 10,000 Maniacs' material will adore these recordings.

Heidi Vincent is a musical talent deeply committed to maintaining the integrity of her art. As you listen to her music, you will hear the potential this aspiring artist offers. A truly talented Canadian singer-songwriter is set to emerge. Listen, believe, support and embrace the passionate music of Heidi Vincent. Return to Musical Discoveries for our review of the full length album as soon as it is released in the spring of 2004.

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