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Heidi Vincent - Happy Now - CD Cover
Image © Heidi Vincent 2006

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Heidi Vincent
Image © Heidi Vincent 2008


(26 October 2008) Alt-pop singer/songwriter Heidi Vincent sings about her life experiences on her second album Happpy Now (Heidi Vincent (Canada), 6 21365 09262, 2006). This talented musician hails from Vancouver, British Columbia where the album was nurtured, developed and recorded. Her band is a conglomeration of varying styles and backgrounds, including new wave, reggae, pop, punk as well as metal. Their diversity has given way to a strong, determined sound that creates a stimulating and vibrant collection of songs. Shawn Cole co-produced and engineered this album. Heidi told us that he was a huge part of the album's success in sound and completion.

Vincent's quartet has Wayne Stadler on drums, Dave Lettinga on bass, Mark Watson on guitars and Vincent performing vocals and guitar. Vic Levak (Balligomingo, Viia) also contributed to the project. According to Vincent, "There was only one way to record this album and that was to just do it. No talking, no second guessing and no re-visiting old material. The goal was to grow, experiment and put it down on tape, well ok, the drums were on tape and the rest was digital. We had already completed the pre-production with a month of jamming out the tunes at the Rockspace and by the time we got to the studio it all fell into place. I love music. I love expressing myself through music. These songs are more sophisticated, they are the dirty-pretty sound that I have searched for, the ones rattling around in my empty head for a couple of years. Girly, defiant, murderous, tongue in cheek, the album articulates every emotion of my love and life."

There is an edginess to her performance, singing with clarity and competence. She sometimes has a brashness to her tone or she can have a silkiness in her vocals as she appeals to the senses. The title track, "Happy Now," showcases Heidi's strong, pure voice. She has a defined approach in this alt-pop song. There is a joyfulness in her lyrics and vocals that come across with great clarity. The percussive "Cool" holds the listener with its strong musical hooks that keeps the toes tapping. There is a forcefulness and assurity in her singing which brings to mind a likeness to Debbie Harry and Blondie.

"Vietnam" explodes with sharp lyrics and a driving beat. This standout track has wonderful freshness and originality with an irresistable beat. Heidi's vivacity shines through with her wonderful interpretive renditions. "Stay If You" is another rocking tune where she exudes sensitivity intermixed with letting it all out. The lush guitar instrumentals accentuate her yearning vocals in this track. She changes pace with the gentler "Shape I'm In." "Star" is another wonderful track that highlights her soaring and bold vocals, heightened by the great assertive guitar rhythms.

Heidi has no problem letting it all out in "Let It All Out." Her dynamic approach to her music is refreshing and intense. "Guitars, overdubs, keys, vocals, harmonies, all the extras, tweaking everything along the way and even adding crazy things like horn section in few songs. You just find what it needs as you go along," according to Heidi. She continues with singing about her life experiences in "The Only One." Her positive vibe is evident throughout this rockin' tune. Her sensitive and gentler side is exposed in "All The Same" and "To God." There is great warmth and compassion in these songs as her passions are revealed. She closes with the pure and vibrant "Lullabye."

In between the marvelous and substantial guitar arrangements and driven vocals, there is a determination and enthusiasm that clearly comes across throughout this album. Heidi's magnificent voice ranges from the gentle compassionate to the highly fervent, and she hits the mark each and every time. There is no doubt that she gives the listener a positive, energetic result and she certainly makes each and everyone of us Happy Now.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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