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Souvenir CD Cover
Image © Pretty Noise Productions 2003

Souvenir 2004 Image © Pretty Noise Productions 2004

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(07 December 2003) Canadian vocal siren Kristy Thirsk is beloved by many as lead vocalist of the now defunct Rose Chronicles and oft-contributing singer for electronica band Delerium. Let's be clear from the outset--Kristy Thirsk is an amazingly gifted singer, hands-down. With her uncanny ability to stretch her voice from the lowest growl to the highest celestial tones, Kristy Thirsk is a naturally blessed talent.

After working for months in the studio with producer Eric Rosse, Kristy has finally released her full-length debut album, Souvenir (Pretty Noise Productions(Canada) 8 21228 80076 6, 2003). An attention-grabbing collection, it is chock-full of great songwriting and incomparable singing. In January 2004, Kristy joinsthe prestigious list of Musical Discoveries featured artists.

Kristy does not hold back with the kickin' opener "Indifference." Strumming guitars create a folksy Jewel vibe, but the percussion and electric guitars shape the song into a rocking number. One is instantly drawn to Kristy's gorgeous and emotive singing.

Kristy pushes more fully into the rock-n-roll realm with songs like "Imagination." "Home for Angels" is a slightly more ambient and gentle number reminiscent of Cocteau Twins and featuring light percussive elements and fantastic layered vocals.

Certainly a standout track, "Runaway" is a racing, energized and vibrant song. Kristy's voice perfectly fits the accelerating beats and dark guitar rifts. When this song reaches the chorus, it explodes with energy and intensity.Songs like "Hypnotized" and "Second Fiddle" are breezy pop-tinged numbers that meander in summery fashion. At points the album veers towards an almost alt-rock/gothic sound--reminding us of her days with Rose Chronicles--as with the song "Whitelight." Even at these shadowed points, Kristy is something mesmerizing to hear.

Incandescent and pensive, the final track "Souvenir" is a gentle and tender goodbye. The 2004 release includes the stunning bonus track "Over It" co-written with Eric Rosse. Mixed a little rougher than the preceding tracks, Kristy's lead and backing vocals blend wonderfully in this heartfelt rocker that includes a chorus with a tremendous hook.

There's no question that Kristy Thrisk is a musical force to be reckoned with. With numerous collaborations under her belt Kristy is finally stepping into the spotlight on her own--and the results can only speak of greater things to come.--Justin Elswick

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