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Sylvia Tosun
Image © Sea to Sun Records 2005

Sylvia Tosun
Image © Sylvia Tosun 2005

Sylvia Tosun
Image © Sylvia Tosun 2005

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(revised 10 May 2005) Sylvia Tosun has released her stunning second full length album Jump In. A thirteen-track collection of material that builds in sound, texture and lyrical content on her debut 2001 EP "Too Close To The Sun" (feature), the album is brilliantly produced by Miklos Malek and co-produced by Sylvia Tosun. It was arranged by the duo and by Istvan Csont, who joined forces previously on Sylvia's award-winning 2002 album Anthem (review).Read our exclusive 2005 Jump In interview with Sylvia.

Tracks on Sylvia's new album were mixed by the legendary Tom Lord-Alge and Miklos Malek and were mastered by Tom Coyne of Sterling Sound. Sylvia has continued to write with long-time friends Emil Adler and Julie Flanders (October Project) who contribute to music and lyrics respectively for ten of the album's tracks. The result is captivating and addictive with a quality certain to enthrall and expand Tosun's loyal following. All new arrangements contribute to the new renditions of songs previously released on "Too Close To The Sun."

The album's twelve songs range from upbeat rockers to soft ballads and include vastly accessible pop numbers as well. The sequence of the tracks builds interest as the material unfolds. The opening "All This Time" has a catchy, upbeat melody and a beautiful instrumental accompaniment. Richness and clarity flows throughout this song and it has a strong, sensual quality. The rock rhythm urges one to move with the infectious beat. Lyrics speak to the heart and relate a message of hopefulness and reality. The exciting "Jump In" continues with lush vocals--Sylvia's crystalline lead atop backing harmonies--and a percussion driven melody. The song is about taking chances and to "feel the edge of a miracle."

The album continues with the standout "Sleepless," with its mysterious and exotic Middle Eastern texture. The melody draws the listener in further with a frenetic beat and a sensual delivery of the lyrics. Soaring vocals complement the rich arrangements. Sylvia's beautiful, soaring voice in the down tempo "Your Girl" casts a spell over the listener, evoking a sensitivity and energy in the music. Layers of backing vocals contribute lush harmonies to the number. The album continues to expand in style with the upbeat dance rhythm of "Sanctuary," where vocal purity and power are joined by a mystical sound and undertones.

"We Belong" is a gentler number, a ballad that draws the listener into a wonderful and heartwarming dream. "Maybe we're all healing, kneeling to an altar of hope, when our hands are touching, clutching to that open door..." expresses the inspirational lyrics and melody that is rich with texture and harmonies. Another album standout is "Head Over Heels," which explodes into a breathy, take-charge melody. Pulsing rhythms and synchronized instrumentals punctuate layers of vocals that display Sylvia's best assets. Her extensive range and clarity are simply flawless.

The poetics in the title track of her debut EP "Too Close to the Sun" are treated with soothing harmonies that indulge the senses. The dreamy melody captures a spirited mood that crescendos with a touching tenderness. The simple hypnotic percussion in "Dreaming" helps to create the ambience of a wistful frame of mind. The beauty of theechoing vocals and backing harmonies and infectious hook continue to impress and inspire. "Once and Always You" has a compelling rock rhythm and demonstrates both Sylvia's vocal range and power. The lush instrumentals and catchy tune are joined by rich vocal arrangements that make this another album standout.

The slower "Moving Away" is an evocative tune that envelops and dazzles the listener. There is a stunning blend of well articulated vocals, lyrics and melody. The album concludes with the gently delivered yet vocally powerful "Blue Sky." Here Sylvia creates a mellow and enchanting sensation with tender vocals. Floating melodies unite to complete a tapestry of words and music and illustrate the range and depth of the artist's musical talent.

Sylvia's powerful voice perfectly complements the rock rhythms, pop melodies and poetic metaphors on All This Time. Her crystalline lead is supported by layers of backing harmonies as well as rich arrangements on each of the album's tracks. Sylvia's live shows are special events with diverse musicians participating -- all accompanied by her sensual silhouette moving about the stage. Our new interview with Sylvia Tosun and review a live performance is planned for publication later this year. All This Time is a timeless album and it is certain to attract the significant attention this tremendous artist's work deserves.

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