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Passionate Voice CD Cover
Image © Zone Records 2004

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(18 October 2004) Passionate Voice (Zone Records (USA) ZR1307, 2004) is Lisbeth Scott's newest CD, and she has hit the mark with her spirited and stunning, uplifting vocals. This ten track album was exquisitely produced by Lisbeth and husband, Nathan Barr. This blend of contemporary and acoustic sounds takes the listener on an exceptional journey. Lisbeth's earlier solo projects and work on the State Of Grace series will be familiar to our frequent visitors.

The California-born singer originally began her career as a classically trained pianist, and fortunately for all of us, changed paths and began her vocal exploration. Her voice has been featured in hundreds of films including Shrek and Sinbad, and most recently The Passion of The Christ in addition to numerous television shows, including Touched By An Angel, ER and Boston Public to name a few. Her music has been likened to Enya, Sinead O'Connor and Dido, but she certainly has her own distinct and striking style.

"Grace" begins with a haunting melody and Lisbeth's angelic vocals elicit a peaceful and calming effect. The more contemporary "Give" and "No One But You" highlights the tender, soothing qualities of this talented artist. A more earthy tone is found in "To Love and Be Loved." The lyrics help to showcase her expressive and eloquent style.

Lisbeth said, "This is an interesting record for me because there are two distinct elements in it. One is sort of a lyrical joy and the other is contemplation. The whole CD is centered around spirit ... whatever that is for all of us ... and how we live in these two places at the same time." She continued saying that "a huge source of inspiration for me is spirit in my life. The interaction of spirit and the physical. My new CD explores this a lot and is a direct reflection of where I'm at right now in life."

Sensuous and soaring vocals are the focus in "Reveal." The title track, "Passionate Voice," is certainly self-described. The simple, beautiful melody emphasizes Lisbeth's ethereal, yet earthy tonal quality. The catchy "Surrender" has the listener foot-tapping to the beat. "Stones" changes pace with a tender and soulful narrative. The poignant "All of These Years" again highlights Lisbeth's heavenly music and stunning vocals.

A reprise of "Reveal" completes the dreamy and sensuous aura. One is left with the sensation of floating and being transported to a safe haven. The splendid instrumentals throughout this magnificent album were performed by Nathan Barr (cellos, guitars, bol bol, ocarina), Greg Ellis (percussion), Chris Bleth (duduk), Bernie Locker (guitars) and Dan Lutz (bass).

Lisbeth's clarity and emotive vocals touch the soul with her combination of lush melodies and beautiful lyrics. Her voice mesmerizes and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The title is quite apropos since Lisbeth Scott definitely is a Passionate Voice!

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