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Rebecca Pidgeon Retrospective CD Cover
Image © Chesky Records 2004

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(02 December 2004) Modern pop singer/songwriter Rebecca Pidgeon takes the best songs from her three previous albums for a commemorative CD, Retrospective (Chesky Records (USA) SACD242, 2003). With a career that not only includes three solo albums, she is an accomplished motion picture, theatre and television actress. Her distinctive recordings span a broad range of vocal and song styles. This collection of songs offers the individual titles that together create an exciting mosaic of this amazing singer/songwriter with the outstanding sound quality of SACD format.

Although born in the USA, she was raised in Scotland. She studied acting at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, which has trained some of the finest classical British stage actors. Her background seems to have strongly influenced her musical approach. Her deeply rooted Celtic influences are blended with the fundamentals of old school jazz, blues and folk music in order to create her own signature musical style. Her crystalline vocals emanate throughout this collection. Songs range from light acoustic folky numbers to moderate rock tracks along with some spoken word pieces.

The album starts off with her signature work, "Spanish Harlem," which is stunning and will be most appreciated by her strong contingent of fans. There are light and airy songs, such as "Kalerka and "Fhear a Bhata," that are lyrically and vocally strong. Some other favorites on the album include "24 Hours of Love" and "Primitive Man."

The final track, "Auld Lang Syne/Bring It On Home to Me," is a wonderful piece, combining the spoken word with Sam Cooke's well-known song and Robert Burns' famous poem. This unique accomplishment highlights Rebecca's broad range of talent on this marvelous collection.

Our earlier feature presents detailed reviews of the three albums that these tracks were selected from. Rebecca's splendid voice is a pure pleasure to listen to. She presents an album that focusses on the best lyrics and tunes that she is renowned for. For those who have not listened to Rebecca's beautiful voice in the past are in for a treat with this solid collection of her best songs in her unique style. Rebecca captures you with her smooth and seductive vocals that have clarity and sheer perfection.

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