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Messages CD Cover
Image © Nia George 2005

Nia Image © Nia George 2005

Nia Image © Nia George 2005

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(09 May 2005) Nia George was previously a founding member and keen participant of the Welsh rock band Jylt whose material has been reviewed at Musical Discoveries since 2003. Nia played bass, added vocals to the lyrical content and contributed to Jylt's songwriting process.

The two Jylit EPs entitled "Surrender" and "Retrospect" built the band a following across the UK and provided a foundation for a full length album that would have emerged had a personal situation worked out differently. Nia's health turned worse when she contracted Leukeamia that sadly took her life. Read more about Nia from Sarah Howells' perspective in our exclusive interview with Sarah Howells who worked with Nia in Jylt and were close friends since the two were very young.

In loving memory of Nia and her music, Bernie (father) and Trish (mother) George arranged to have a series of Nia's own writings and those done for future Jylt work properly produced and mastered onto a commemorative album. Trish and Bernie hope that listeners will agree that the album is a fitting memorial to a much loved and much missed daughter and sister. All profits from the sale of the CD will go to support the vision of a new cancer Day Unit at Withybush Hospital. To view Nia's art work or to let us know your views on the album click on www.niageorge.com.

Messages is comprised of sixteen individual recordings. Nine of them are co-written Jylt compositions and two are written by Alex Cooper. The remaining tracks are Nia's contributions. "Vain" is a special collaboration of Nia's done with Sarah Howells and Emma Bryden. The album was produced by Alex Cooper.

The album opens with the title track of Jylt's "Retrospect" EP, immediately drawing the listener in with an upbeat and accessible arrangement featuring vocal harmonies atop guitars and percussion. The demos of the "Can't See You" and "Change" ballads reveal a stunning works in process. The vocal harmonies in "Wounded" are superbly accompanied by keyboard and bass.

"Throw Yourself Away" is a much more finished track with warm keyboard washes joining guitar arrangements beneath the girls voices in this midtempo number. "Fall On Me" is a thickly arranged rocker, again the two singers working tightly together. "Give Me Somthing More" and "Vain" are guitar accompanied ballads wringing with Nia's emotions. The rocking "Obscure Passions" is an accessible and well-progressed Jylt number.

The album takes a turn to slower introspection with the guitar based demos of ballads "Suicidal Tensions" and "Nothing You Can Do." But the upbeat Jylt rockers provide sharp contrast in "Biteback"--the two vocalists harmonising well together. And the "Straight Lines" demo reveals the foundation of another great number. "Things We Said" is substantially a finished upbeat track with layers of guitar perfectly supporting the two vocalists.

The album winds down with an early demo of the guitar accompanied ballad "Things We Said." The album concludes with the upbeat track "Neutral" played in full Jylt splendour, vocal harmonies accompanied by pulsing guitars and crisp percussion that shows how great Jylt were at their peak.

Nia's father Bernie wrote, "For lovers of Jylt's music and these newly discovered songs, I feel sure that Nia's message to you all would be 'Enjoy!!'" and we have done so. This is a rare glimpse into to soul of an artist. Support the cause and hear it yourself.

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