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Image © Halo Management 2005

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Tracey Brennecke
Image © Halo Management 2005


(26 June 2005) Tracey Brennecke is a muti-talented female bass player, singer and professional songwriter who has made music her life and soul. Since graduating from Middlesex University with a music degree she launched herself into session playing for various artists from pop to rock to jazz, which has seen her touring in the Far East and Europe.

Says Halo Management, "Tracey has been compared to the likes of Blondie mixed with Dido whilst her writing skills have been likened to legendary song writer Dianne Warren." Musical Discoveries reviewed Tracey's pre-album EP entitled "Alibi" in 2004, considering her voice one of the best new discoveries as the new year begain.

Tracy's debut full length album, entitled Found (Halo Management (UK) CAT04, 2005), is a collection of thirteen well-produced pop-oriented tracks. The album opens with stunning torch ballad "The First To Know," which is one of the four tracks released on her 2004 EP, the others including the country-tinged rocker "Alibi," another torch ballad "Best of Us" and the country rock tune "Lovesick."

Found is notably well produced with rich arrangements of keyboard, guitar and rhythm section providing the canvas for Tracey's accessible lead vocal. Multi-tracked, (at times gospel-sounding) choir-style backing vocals add tremendous texture to the individual numbers. On the Found, album Tracey provides lead and backing vocals and bass. She is joined by Nigey Nige (keyboards), Tim Hammill (guitars), Gail-Louise James (drums) and Christian Philips (backing vocals).

Tracks vary between country-tinged and powerfully arranged rock tunes ("Better Than Me," "Alibi," "Lovesick," "Memories Of You"), torch ballads ("The First To Know," "Best Of Us," "Found") and delicately delivered love songs ("I Hate Love," "Remember Me"). The easy listening "Let Me Know" and "Saturday Girl" and rhythmic tune "Cold Hearted" that would be equally at home on the dance floor round out the album. The title track that concludes the album is a standout torch ballad and most likely the best illustration of Tracey's vocal virtuousity.

Individual instrumental showcases within the tracks' mid sections demonstrate the virtousity of the individual performers--especially notable are Nigey Nige's keyboard and Tim Hammill's guitar solos in "Better Than Me." Tracey has a tremendous range and equally strong sonic power, yet her voice is best showcased in the delicate love songs and torch ballads, especially in "Found." While the tunes provide a showcase for her talent, Tracey would be likely be even better served with a broader variety and dynamic selection of material.

Tracey Brenneke's debut album is certain to propel her to great heights in the business. She has a very accurate mid-range voice with tremendous power. While many of the tunes on the debut album have a country-style edge, her songs will appeal to pop enthusiasts as well. Tracey Brenneke will be significantly appreciated by the American audience once her CD makes it stateside.

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