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What They Will Find CD Cover
Image © Candid Productions Ltd 2005

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Peel (2003)

(03 September 2005) Eighteen year old singer/songwriter Catherine Tuttle is back with an exciting new album, What They Will Find on the London-based Candid Records label (Zone7 (UK), ZOCD 78505, 2005). In 2003 Musical Discoveries gave rave reviews for her debut album, Peel. She continues to impress with her latest release, having written twelve of the stunning thirteen tracks. Seven of her songs from Peel are again performed flawlessly on her new album.

Hailing from the town of Whitemarsh in suburban Philadelphia, Catherine is a recent parochial school graduate of Mt. St. Joseph's Academy in Pennsylvania. Her academic prowess was rewarded by her acceptances to Oxford University in England and the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She decided to enter Harvard as a freshman this September in order to stay closer to home as well as connect with the successful music scene in Boston. It will be challenging to balance her academic commitments with her touring schedule. In addition to some East Coast performances, she's scheduled to promote her new album in a series of concerts in the UK in the near future. Her website also indicates that she'll conduct a one-week promotional tour during the first week in October, 2005 to perform at Candid's International Music Festival in Manila where she will be featured as their new foreign artist.

Catherine has kept very busy over the past couple of years, having shared the stage with notable artists such as Phil Roy, Jeffrey Gaines, Grey Eye Glances, Trace Fury, Stargazer Lilly, Lauren Hart, Ben Arnold and Amos Lee. Her songs were twice selected as "Philly Local Pick of the Day" on the influential AAA radio station WXPN.

The title track, "What They Will Find," sets the mood for a spectacular collection of songs, showcasing the angelic clarity of Catherine's soaring vocals. The melody is bubbly and upbeat, interspersed with a beautiful mellowness enhanced by the delicate string arrangement by Ron Kerber. "Free Bird" has a soft pop/rock melody that carries over to the more percussive track, "In Short."

Her melancholy, gentle and melodic rendition in "To Understand" offers the sensitivity and passion that is special to this artist. Piano riffs open to "Tell Me Something New" that then kicks up the beat to highlight her moving lyrics. "Restless" is a more folky, easy-going ballad, speaking of life on the road, performed with her emotive and breathy vocals.

Another standout track is the buoyant "Alone" with its fast-paced lyrics as well as clear-cut vocalise. The toe-tapping "Good Day Song" contrasts with the more subdued and rich melody of "Kerosene." Her cover, "Rescue Me," originally written by Fontella Bass is a personalized and beautiful interpretation of this classic. The rocky "Vintage Heart" is another favorite that captures the moment. Catherine's masterpiece, "Ange Tombe," is sung with a precise, poignant style that exhibits sensitivity and showcases her magnificent, pure voice.

Once again, a remarkable self-assuredness is evident throughout this album, with Catherine in full control of her well-thought-out music and lyrics. She is a fabulous talent with a purity of tone and utterly divine singing. Her insightful music brings unadulterated pleasure to the listener, creating a yearning for more and more. Her passionate gift is one to be treasured.--Audrey Elliot in New York

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