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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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17 Reasons Why - The Dark Years - CD Cover
Image © \r\nLaundry Room Records 1997  

(13 May 2000) Winners of the 1998 Musician Magazine Best UnsignedBand Competition 17 Reasons Why's debut album is entitled The Dark Years(Laundry Room Records (USA) LRR9609, 1997). The 11-track recording iscomprised of rocking numbers and ballads fronted by vocalist and rhythmguitar player Sattie Clark. The Portland, Oregon-based band also includes Chris Nolan (bass), Kirk Nebel (lead guitar), Eric Kaster (drums) and Abbie Gonzalez (harmony vocals). The album is easy to listen to and draws interestfrom first listen and the opening rocker "Look For You."

Vocals throughout the album are mixed way up, just as Musical Discoveriesreaders typically like them. Sattie's voice is reminsicent of Maria Miller(Crannog), especially in the softly rocking"Independence" and "Mercy." Vocal harmonies provide additional texture to the tracks when they are included.

The album's more rocking numbers pay equal attention to the vocals,never drowning them out with guitar-based instrumentals. "Intense,""Mercy" and the highly accessible "Parallel Lines" are examples of the band's most dynamic sounds. The rhythmic "Rearview Mirror" is a slowerrock number; the impressive guitar parts within it seem to work well with the range of Sattie's vocals adding substantial atmosphere to thetrack. We were most reminded of the early 70s with the highly accessiblerock'n'roll number "Nothing Left To Talk About" which has a chorus witha real hook and a harmonica to add texture to the overall sound.

17 Reasons Why music can evoke a broad range of emotions. In "Splinter"a soft rock theme joins an otherwise bluesy vocal and supporting instrumentaltexture. "Birthday" goes deeper into a raunchier blues-like theme. The ballad "The Dream Inside The Dream" draws on other strings to produce anextremely sensuous and evocative sound. A soft ballad entitled "WhiteLinen" concludes the album and features Satties most sensitive vocalsover light acoustic guitar and light strings alone. A lovely bonus trackwell into the twelfth slot features sensitive vocals over a verylight piano acompaniment is actually a unique reprise of "Splinter."

You can read further reviews, listen to sound samples and order their album The Dark Years from amazon.comhere. With a broad range of adult alternative rock songs and excellent songwriting joining Sattie Clark's vocal talents, 17 Reasons Why's album is worth a journey and is a very nice listen!

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