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Immportal EP Cover
Image ┬ęDiscominx 2007

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(24 August 2008) Jeni Saint's 2007 Immortal EP is a brief three track collection that demonstrates a range and the virtuousity of this emerging artist. It is Jeni's first recording since her 2000 album Hypnotise (review and interview).

Jeni writes, "Sometimes I play the cello and sing. The Big Chill liked this look and booked me as their first acoustic artist a few years ago. I have a track called "Big Deal" on their compilation album Glisten."

The title track of Immortal is a lushly produced pop number. Full of strings, guitar and synths atop crisp percussion, Jeni's crystalline soprano soars above the well produced arrangement. Self harmonies add great texture throughout the piece. Listeners will be impressed with Jeni's power, especially in the thriving chorus.

While keyboard and viloin join crisp percussion and electric instruments, listeners will also hear parts from Jeni's cello in the everso sensual "No 9 Symphony." The piece serves not only to demonstrate the range and power of Jeni's voice but her overall instrumental virtuousity.

The EP concludes with the lovely light acoustic ballad "Falling." Instrumental arrangements by Paul Br├Ątelund (acoustic guitar) and Jeni (cello) work especially well to support Jeni's tender vocal delivery. Listeners will enjoy how Jeni has preserved her English accent across the EP, similar to Mermaid Kiss' recordings featuring vocals by Evelyn Downing and Kate Belcher.

Jeni is joined on strings by Harriet MacKenzie, Kate Robinson, Gita Harcourt and Jessie Murphy. Drums on "No 9" are by Daniel Wylie. All other instrumentation for the EP is provided by Jeni Saint and Matt Ward.

Jeni writes, "After a couple of years touting my tunes around London town, I thought I'd get on the inside and learn about the bizness. Somehow I landed myself a job in promotions with a big label and ended up taking all sorts of multi-platinum artists to TV shows. This also included ironing their shirts, fetching their camomile tea/red bull and sewing up their trousers in between polishing my halo and writing my own songs and musings late into the night."

Read the rest of the story and our review of her 2008 EP Avalanche Girl here. The Immortal EP is available online via Jeni's website. A superb, but short, introduction. We long for a new full length album.

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