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Shauna Burns - Anamnesis EP - Cover Artwork
Image © Red Rock Music LLC 2009

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(20 June 2009) The new release by Nevada singer songwriter Shauna Burns is a lush five track EP entitled Anamnesis (Red Rock Music (USA) RRM 7005, 2009. The artist has created a series of vignettes describing the making of this new recording that can be viewed via Shauna's website, her MySpace or directly at YouTube. Shauna explains, "the album's title is the continuation of the Moon and the Fire Circle a sister planet in the universe of the soul." The EP has been produced in this same vein, and the artist's photos that adorn the EP and her revised web presence reflect the same.

The EP presents Shauna's stunningly delivered and evocative vocal work primarily atop piano, although richer arrangements grace several of the tracks. In this EP especially, Shauna's voice is reminscent of Karnataka's Rachel Jones, although the tracks are more akin to Tori Amos. The well prepared gatefold digpak includes the lyrics for all five songs inside the front cover. Shauna's growth as a musical artist is clearly demonstrated vocally, in the music as well as in the product.

Lush electronic and acoustic arrangements are combined to provide the foundation for Shauna Burns' voice in the gently delivered and progressively styled opening track "Smell." The well-executed textural change between the chorus and verse is tremendously dramatic. The rocking electric guitars in "A Letter" work perfectly with Shauna's percussive Tori Amos-styled piano work. And in fact, this upbeat track is certain to draw many double takes from staunch Amos fans, especially with Tori's brand new release. The instrumental bridge has a wonderful piano solo.

Much gentler and sung atop a lone piano, Shauna delivers in her own distinct vocal style the sensitive ballad "Wind." We especially appreciated the stark combination of piano with Shauna's voice in this lovely mid-EP track. The album's standout is "Driving For." The light arrangement with crisp percussion and rhythmic piano perfectly supports Shauna's evocative vocal delivery. While a light harmony layer sneaks in from time to time on this EP, including this track, Shauna's lead vocal is typically sung solo. "So tell me ..." is the EP's closing track. The darkness of the piano-based ballad is underscored by string parts.

Anamnesis is a lovely five track collection that will tide Shauna Burns' fans over until her next full length release. The album is available from a variety of online outlets. With this short playing release, the artist shows us that she has clearly established her stride, audience following and musical style that will continue to build and draw interest from enthusiasts worldwide.

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