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October Project - Uncovered - CD Front Cover Artwork
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October Project - Uncovered - CD Back Cover Artwork
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(26 February 2012) October Project's latest EP is a collection of five new songs in their stripped back form, and as a bonus track, "Something More Than This." The 33-minute long EP, which began as a collection of the band's work in progress, was published by popular demand from fans and friends is entitled Uncovered (op(iii), LLC (USA), 2011). Visit October Project's website for ordering details.

With material written by Emil Adler and Julie Flanders, the EP is performed by contributions from Emil Adler (piano/vocals), Marina Belica (vocals) and Julie Flanders (vocals). Do not expect October Project's typically rich arrangements. This stripped back collection is comprised of stunning vocal and piano work only. The band report that they are in the process of preparing a full length and completely arranged album with other October Project stalwarts.

Says Marina Belica, "Emil created piano tracks for the musicians we will be recording with in California, and Julie and I loved singing to them! Up until that point, we had been rehearsing and refining the new album songs a cappella. We thought, wow, maybe simple, vocal piano arrangements would be a fun way to introduce people to the new songs." And so Uncovered was born.

"Emil does these genius piano parts that no one ever gets to hear, except for me and Marina," says Julie Flanders. "The songs start with Marina’s part -- just the melody -- and then, on this album, Emil has written a counter melody for me to sing that is equally as beautiful. It's a new approach. It's almost as if there are two songs within the one, and they are layered together." Listeners will hear this from the opening track on the EP, "Far Away In A Moment."

While the October Project sound typically has additional instruments in the bands rich arrangements, Uncovered is clearly October Project material from the first notes. The melodies in "Far Away In A Moment" are gorgeous and accentuated by Marina's and Julie's harmonies.

Adler commented,"Uncovered is special because the album is going to sound nothing like this. The risk is that people may become enamored with these simple arrangements and be resistant to the addition of bass, drums and other kinds of sweetening." Listen for the three-part harmonies in the mixes. He adds, "The finished album will sound vastly different. There will be guitars, bass, drum, other acoustic instruments, digital tracks, things like that. It is going to be arranged, so there will be a big difference."

In "Once Blue" the melody is first heard in the gentle piano introduction. Marina Belica's crystalline solo lead vocal opens the verse before Julie's harmony joins. It is hard to distinguish between the two vocalists. Julie says, "Unlike any other time that we've had vocal harmonies, on this album the vocal harmony is its own melody and not just a reference to the primary melody."

Julie continues, "In singing a cappella, Marina and I have been finding a new sound together. Marina's voice is so up close and personal, it's sort of like a photograph being taken in natural light with no makeup and no airbrushing! You have to be a very together singer to be listened to with that kind of scrutiny."

"Changing Light of Love" continues to develop the theme of Uncovered with more stunning harmonies working alongside the piano melody. The chorus is clearly reminiscent of October Project's earlier work. Marina adds, "It’s also exciting to hear Julie's voice so clearly. When we sing together, sometimes our vocal lines cross in such a way that neither one of us is certain who is who when we listen back." She says, "We have very different voices, and yet, because we know each other so well, there's a sister quality that sometimes makes us indistinguishable.

Marina opens the powerful ballad "Always Wanted You" and is joined by Julie in harmony almost immediately. In addition to Marina's solo vocal lines, the constrasting melodies of the two singers work extremely well together. "I Surrender" is actually the most stripped back of the Uncovered songs except in Emil's warm piano breaks. Listen for October Project's vocalists tender interpretations of this stunning track. Harmonies alllude to some of the band's earlier work together.

The EP's bonus track is a version of the band's well-known track "Something More Than This" performed and recorded in Uncovered format. Listen carefully to the stunning new vocal arrangement. October Project reports that the next five tracks will be released on the first day of spring, March 21, 2012 in More Uncovered (cover artwork). We shall wait for it expectantly. Their fans will continue to wait patiently for the next full length album and surely be thankful for the EPs in between.

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