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October Project - More Uncovered - CD Cover Artwork
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(09 June 2012) The second EP in October Project's Uncovered series is aptly entitled More Uncovered (op(iii) (USA) 8 88019 00000 2, 2012). The EP is comprised of five brand new acoustic tracks sung by Marina Belica and Julie Flanders backed by Emil Adler on piano and backing vocals.

The Uncovered series was originally envisaged as a collection of songs that October Project would share with their most staunch fans in the run up to a future studio album. At this writing, October Project is well into the production of their next studio recording. This EP also includes a stunning a capella rendition of "Eyes Of Mercy" as a bonus track.

More Uncovered opens with the folky "Angels In The Garden." Marina's and Julie's vocal harmonies work extremely well and compliment the lead vocal parts. This track has a somewhat distinct mix of the harmonies that is certain to draw significant attention from listeners outside our editorial staff as well. Marina's lead provides a brighter edge to the darker arrangement in and lyrical content of "Rage Of Days." Julie's harmony not only adds texture but deepens the arrangement of the ballad.

The song "Lost" will pull at hearstrings not only lyrically but in the October Project style and sound of the song. While the EP's first two are stunning folk and ballad tracks, "Lost" is the first track with extremely strong allusions to the sounds of the band's earlier work making it a clear standout in our view. Listen to the richness of the vocalise that accompanies the piano in the bridge. We can't wait to hear the fully arranged version on the band's forthcoming album.

"Reason To Forgive" has a similar texture and style to "Lost" and accordingly delivers the "former October Project" allusions to listeners. Emil's piano is bright and upbeat. Marina's and Julie's vocals are tenderly delivered and sound simply tremendous. The last new track on the EP is entitled "This Is For You." Emil's backing vocals clearly emerge alongside Marina's lead and Julie's harmony in the folk style ballad.

The EP's bonus track is an a capella version of the band's well-known (and our favorite from the band's debut album) track "Eyes Of Mercy." Listen carefully to the stunning new vocal arrangement. October Project's fans must now continue to wait patiently for their next full length album and be thankful for the release of these stunning EPs in between.

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