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(30 June 2002) The second album by Alaska's Colleen Coadic is a 14-track collection of singer songwriter style compositions entitled Today (1997). The singer's 12-track debut album Say Anything while currently available at online retailers has not been sent to our editors for review.

Today also contains contributions from Paul Pike (micmak vocables, lakotoa flute, guitar), Ryan Brownell (guitar), DurRon (drums), Chuck Henman (drums), Heather Birch (volin), Tom Lewis (piano, organ) and Sean Cobb (fretless bass). Colleen contributes all bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, programming and vocals). Liner notes for the album contain further details.

Musical Discoveries editors first discovered Colleen's music when working on the Balligomingo project. There you'll find a comprehensive interview with the artist. You can also click on the link in the left hand column to access both directly. Colleen contributed to the songs "Escape" and "Being" on the album.

In sharp contrast, Today is clearly set in the singer songwriter genre with arrangements softly rocking behind Colleen's highly expressive--shouting at times--voice. Harmonies add further texture to the tunes. Bluesy tracks and R&B-style numbers add interest to the selection.Experienced listeners will hear musings of Alison Moyet in Colleen's delivery. The album's standouts are the dense vocal number "I Am" which opens the album and the gently rocking tune "Can This Song Be My Lover?." Soaring vocals and tremendous electric guitar excursions characterise the first while lush keyboards are perfectly balanced with guitars and Colleen's powerful vocal delivery in the latter.

Colleen's vocal range and dramatic expressiveness are notable in the recording. Arrangements compliment the vocal work well in soft rocking numbers, gentle ballad pieces and typical singer songwriter coffee house style songs as well. Instrumental solos and riffs within the tracks serve to illustrate the virtuousity of the individual members of the group.

Visitors interested in exploring more should visit Colleen's website. Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.comhere.Further reviews, soundbites, video segments and ordering information are available there. Worth a journey, especially for Balligomingo enthusiasts, the album is a nice listen!

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