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The Opposite Only Better CD Cover
Image © Colleen Coadic Socan/BMI 2001

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The Opposite Only Better

(30 June 2002) The fourth album by Alaska's Colleen Coadic is a 11-track collection of singer songwriter style compositions entitled The Opposite Only Better (Colleen Coadic (Canada) BT1212, 2001). The singer's former albums are generally available from online retailers

The Opposite Only Better builds on the singer's earlier album Scream Of Consciousness and produced by Sean Cobb (fretless bass, synth programming, sitar) also includes contributions Rob Kurzreiter (drums), Dennis Lind (12-string acoustic guitar) and Bart Boggan (electric guitar). Liner notes for the album include full lyrics and contain further details.

Musical Discoveries editors first discovered Colleen's music when working on the Balligomingo project. There you'll find a comprehensive interview with the artist. You can also click on the link in the left hand column to access both directly. Colleen contributed to the songs "Escape" and "Being" on the album.

The Opposite Only Better is delicately arranged, set midway between Scream of Consciousness and Today stylistically. Keyboard parts are certainly as promiment but vocal harmonies are more subdued in this latest release. The album opens with the rocking and highly accessible number "Splashpoint." The sound is echoed further in "Tonic." We especially liked the powerful vocal excursions in the latter track and in the bluesy "Driven."

The upbeat and pop-oriented textures of "Beige" and "This Late Night" are somewhat new age Go-Gos/Belinda Carlisle-style and while appealing is not characteristic of Colleen's former music. A further departure is the electronic vocal effect in "Flakes" (think Cher) which may not appeal to all audiences. Colleen's familiar bluesy singing style returns in "Velvet Rape." "How To Culitivate A Garden" quickens the pace and lush harmonies compliment the crystalline lead.

Certain standout tracks are the gentle rocker "My Hunger" and "My Invincible Summer." Guitar arrangements perfectly compliment Colleen's evocatively sensual lead and backing vocals. The album closes with an upbeat new wave-style track entitled "The End." Vocal layers dominate while guitar-laden instrumental arrangements perfectly compliment the highly accessible melody.

Colleen Coadic's The Opposite Only Better is a natural extension of the artist's prior two solo albums. Accessible melodies, a range of styles, and lovely vocal excursions reveal the talent of one of Balligomingo's stunning vocalists. A very nice listen!

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