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Jody Quine - seven EP - CD Cover Artwork
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\r\nimage © Jody Quine 2012

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Star (2000)
Balligomingo EP (2001)
Beneath The Surface (2002)*
The Hollywood Demos (2003)
Viia Demo (2005)*
The Dawnseeker (2006)*
Under an Endless Sky (2008)
Labyrinthine Heart (2009)*
UAES Origins (2010)

* = with exclusive Jody Quine interview

Jody Quine
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photo by Christopher Thorn 2013
image © Jody Quine 2013

video: "Come Back Home" (2013)

(21 July 2013) Last week singer songwriter Jody Quine delivered the completed digital version of her new EP seven (Jody Quine (CA) 6 20969 99425 9, 2013) to her PledgeMusic campaign backers. The seven stunning tracks are accompanied by a full color digital booklet that includes all lyrics and lovely photos of the artist taken by Christopher Thorn. The physical CDs will be ready in early August.

All songs on seven were written by Jody Quine and were produced, recorded and mixed by by Rhys Fulber (Delerium, Conjure One) at Surplus Sound. Vocals for "I Love You" however were recorded at Vic Levak's Hush Sound studio. Greg Reely mastered the EP. In addition to providing lead vocals, Jody is also credited with the piano parts along with Chris Gubisch. Guitars were provided by Vic Levak and Joel Shearer. Leah Randi contributed bass.

Jody has amassed an extensive discography since emerging on the electronic music scene with "Purify" on the Balligomingo EP released initially in 2001 and along with "Privilege" on the Beneath The Surface album in 2002. Our special "Women of Balligomingo" edition of Musical Discoveries Digest was the first to review Jody's first solo album Star that saw her further collaboration with Vic Levak. She continued to record with Levak on The Hollywood Demos and Viia Demos respectively in 2003 and 2005.

Jody has also contributed stunning vocal work to the two Sleepthief albums The Dawnseeker and Labyrinthine Heart in 2006 and 2009 respectively bracketing her return to Balligomingo in 2008 as a band member for Under An Endless Sky alongside Garrett Schwartz and Vic Levak and singing opposite Rebecca Ramone. Her followers will recognize Jody's contributions to the two most recent Balligomingo offeringsUAES Origins and Remix Volume 1 in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Jody has also been featured in Sleepthief's music videos for "Eurydice" and "Mortal Longing."

Jody's new EP is absolutely stunning. Just prior to offering the masters to her backers Jody told us, "Since I've been the one in charge and done all of it on my own I'm definitely a bit nervous and totally vulnerable." She has no reason to be nervous. Songs are all a radio-friendly length of three to four minutes with arrangements that vary stylistically track to track. Vocal production is outstanding!

Acoustic guitar layers and warm keyboard washes are joined by crisp acoustic percussion that underscore Jody's first crystalline utterances in the warm opening love song "You Are." The vocal arrangement is especially well done in the bluesy electronic number "To Be Frank." Jody's evocative delivery and harmony layers are particularly well done.

The piano strikes through in the upbeat and more percussive pop number "Tonight." Here Jody's lead is joined by additional vocal layers that add both depth and texture to this EP standout. Equally stunning, the upbeat track "Piece Of My Heart" is delivered equally richly with piano playing off keyboard atop crisp percussion in the arrangement.

Pay particular attention to the warm keyboard washes and additional vocal harmonies in the gentle ballad "I Love You." Jody's especially crystalline lead vocal on this track is gently echoed by finger chimes at the conclusion. Clearly the most bluesy track on the album is "Finch Diving." Additional texture is added to Jody's sensually delivered vocal with warm backing harmonies and Rhys Fulber's rich instrumental arrangements. Listen for the strings.

seven concludes with the stunning piano-backed balled "Come Back Home." Check out the official video for it here. Rhy's warm keyboard washes add depth to the arrangement and Jody's solo vocal line. But it is Jody's soaring vocal lines that make this concluding track so special. We wanted more!

Jody Quine has again demonstrated significant artistic growth in this second outstanding solo project. Digital and physical versions should be generally available later this summer. While Jody's singing, piano playing and songwriting on the project are superb--working with Rhys Fulber and Vic Levak to further round out the arrangements--she has delivered a project that is certain to please both longstanding fans and bring her many new ones. Well done Jody!

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