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Charlotte Martin - Orphans - CD Cover
Image © Test-Drive Records 2008

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(16 November 2008) Musical Discoveries featured artist Charlotte Martin has released a new studio EP, Orphans (Test-Drive Records (USA) CMO 0019, 2008). The eight-song collection of masters and outtakes spans Martin'’s 10-year career. Charlotte has done a tremendous job releasing EPs between full length albums and Orphans is a great collection to tide listeners over to next year's planned release of her fourth album.

Selections include fan favorites "The Stalker Song" and "Snowflakes," as well as brand new, never released material recorded in early 2008. Charlotte worked closely with her long time collaborator and husband, Ken Andrews, and friend Tommy Walter (Eels, Abandoned Pools) to remix and re-master these recordings.

Charlotte reflected on the release, "I am happy some lost songs from the One Girl Army, On Your Shore, and Stromata recording sessions are finally finding a home on their own EP. This is a true collector's piece I want everyone to hear." We were especially enthralled with the excellence of the lost master of "Raven" included in this stunning collection. The EP is gorgeously packaged in a gatefold cardboard sleeve.

Tracks such as "Is This Called Desire" and "Outerspace," originated back in 2006, when Walter and Martin worked on tracks for a duo project called Exceptional Birds of Flight. These steer away from Charlotte's familiar keyboard-driven sound and explore electronics, accompanied by vocals that at times are reminscent of the Veins EP released in the same time period. Other outtakes, such as "Galaxies" and "Habit," stay more true to the classic piano-based lullabies, brimming with raw emotion and melancholy melodies.

Charlotte is currently writing and recording her fourth full-length album and--with her son approaching the one year mark next April--plans to return to the touring scene in early 2009.

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