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The Women of Balligomingo

This special edition of our digest--published just three weeks after the release of Balligomingo's Beneath The Surface (review)--presents reviews of further recordings by the album's vocalists.

Scroll this page to read reviews of the solo albums by Beverley Staunton, Jody Quine, Jennifer Hershman (Chic P),Colleen Coadic and Camille Miller. We also review Kristy Thirsk's work with Rose Chronicles and Delerium.

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(03 July 2002) The debut solo album by Beverley Staunton Here's To You (Staunton Music (Canada) BCD-80001-2, 2001) is comprised of eleven jazz-oriented numbers. Beverley provides all lead and backing vocals. Torben Oxbol (piano, bass, guitar, sequencing) collaborates on the album while guests Campbell Ryga (alto sax), Jack Stafford (tenor sax), Brad Turner (flugelhorn) and Ian Mcdouglall (trombone) guest in various instrumental parts. Ten of the pieces are written by well-known composers while the title track is cowritten by Torben Oxbol and Beverley Staunton. The album is available from the artist's website and popular Vancouver-based retail outlets.

Here's to You is a highly impressivecollection of jazz and downtempo songs that are sure to please fans of female-fronted jazz music. Eschewing imitation, Beverley instead flavours each track with her own glowing style. What is clear is that Beverley has an extremely charismatic voice--and equally important, one cansense that she takes great pleasure in performing these songs. Each track radiates thisjoy, and in turn this joy infuses the listener.

Although fans may know Beverley's voice from the Balligomingo electronica project, Here's to You demonstrates that she can cross genres with ease. Here's to You is definitelya "breezy day at the beach" sort of listening experience. Beverley's voice should further be commended for her vibrant enunciation of the lyrics--each word of each song is clear and understandable. Like folk singer Connie Dover, Beverley is in that (increasingly rare) category of vocalists that one can actually comprehend.

Beverley originally hails from Montreal, and began her career at an early age, performing with her siblings as "The Staunton Family." After attaining considerable commercial success with her family group, Beverley entered the Hamilton Music Academy in Los Angeles where she studied Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop and Dance. After graduating, Beverley received a scholarship which allowed her to continue her vocal training. Presently, Beverley resides in Vancouver, and continues to perform as a solo singer and a session singer.

Our favorite tracks on this album include the pouty and seductive "All Night Long," the flamenco-touched "Charade," the sweet toe-tapping "The Look of Love," and the romantically chill "My Foolish Heart."Here's to You is perfect for either a candlelit sultry evening or a relaxed day in the outdoors. Worth a journey, it is clearly amust listen!.--Justin Elswick

Beverley is continuing her work on a pop-oriented R&B album with collaborators Smith, Injeti and Anderson. The project, presently at the demo stage, includes five near-complete tracks which are being professionally shopped around to various labels and further producers. We were immediately drawn to the lush arrangements and incredibly stunning vocal work of the material.

"Bounce" is an upbeat latin-influenced rhythmic dance number, much in a Jennifer Lopez style. The style further develops in "Dance Comigo"--Beverley's edgy vocals perfectly compliment the rich guitar-based and horn-laden latin-R&B arrangements. The tempo slows in "Tell Me," a Britney Spears-style ballad with the pop-star's typical sound replaced by Beverley's tender and evocative voice.

"If I Had You" is a mid-paced tune crossing the boundaries of both pop stars mentioned above; lovely backing harmonies perfectly compliment the pulsating arrangement. Our demo concludes with the pop-oriented radio-friendly R&B tune "Picture Perfect." The album is scheduled for completion at the end of 2002--interested readers should return here for further news soon!

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