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A Woman's Voice CD Cover
Image © PhotoDisc Inc. 2001
New World Music 2001

(16 June 2002) A retrospective 12-track compilation by showcasing a bevy of stunning female vocalists is entitled A Woman's Voice (New World Music (UK) NWCD 519, 2001). Just over half of the tracks amount to a "best of" set from albums by new age vocalists reviewed at Musical Discoveries previously. Others have served as an introduction to our editorial staff and will stimulate further interest from our visitors. Contemporary celtic and world tracks form the backbone of the album.

Juliana's sweet voice forms the melody for the soothing "Sky Fire (Mandragora)" from Llewellyn's album Moonlore (review) opens the album and is followed not long after by the softly rocking title track from her solo album Woman Wisdom (review).

The upbeat Enyaesque track "World Of Wonders" from Freud's album Time Passengers (review) is sung by Cora O'Donavon who can also be heard on the Elysia album Spirit of the Sun (review) and Terra Del Sol's album Selection One (review). Freud's second album The Great Crossing (review) is expected to be released in late 2002.

The stunning multi-layered tribal influenced title track from Sally Oldfield's album Flaming Star (review) will certainly whet the listener's appetite for more ofher work as will the everso gentle acoustic "Musa Mare Lullaby" from Wendy Stark's lovely album Child Of Transferrance (review).

The album includes two tracks by Pia, one from each of her albums. "Angelus Cantus,"with soaring vocals from her debut album Benediction Moon (review) reveals the crystalline clarity, range and soaring sonic power of her voice. The epic and percussive "Shyam" from Magical Eclipse (review) illustrates further artistic development with lush solo vocal and multi-layered choral arrangements underscored by Eastern themes. Pia's natural power, clarity and vast vocal range are perfectly captured in the two stunning selections.

New artist introductions include Susanna whose upbeat new age track "Free Yourself" taken from Music For Love (NWCD 468) blends rich new age instrumentals with gently soaring and evocative lyrical vocalise elements. "Fly Through The Skies" from Lazy Days (NWCD 494) introduces Sarah Jones' sweet and sensual voice. The soaring vocal melody is the lovely chorus is contrasted by whispery almost spoken messages in the verses.

In contrast to the rest of the album--sparse tribal sounding instrumentals with droning digereedoo and choir of of vocal layers set it aside--is the epic-length "Honour The Earth As Your Mother" by Sarah Hopkins from her album Honour The Earth (NWCD 570). As interesting as the other new discoveries, our editors were most curious to know what the rest of her album holds.

"Canzone Angelica" is a gentle new age ballad taken from the Mystic Heart (NWCD 183) album. Lush keyboard variations dominate the track before Sharon Sage's lovely vocals begin--the track will surely leave the listener longing for more of her sensually sung lead and harmony vocals. "De Profundis" from Terry Oldfield's Out Of The Depths (NWCD 474) is sung by Imogen Moore. As with the previous track, the instrumentals somewhat overpower the vocals yet generate further interest in the singer's work.

New World Music selected the tracks to create an album of soothing uplifting music that expresses all the wonders and joy of the feminine. The project combines the work of established international Musical Discoveries' artists and newcomers in a fusion of styles to produce a kaleidoscope of richness. An album you will want to play over and over again, it is worth a trans-Atlantic journey and is a must listen!

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