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Feature articles and in-depth reviews of the latest albums by contemporary, progressive and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based and snail mail resources are typically included. Click on the title to view the article.

Digest Reviews
Celtic and World
Contemporary Crossover

Aleena - Aleena's Caf´┐Ż [with exclusive interview]
Cindy Alexander - [Entire Catalog]
Tori Amos - Welcome To Sunny Florida / Scarlet's Hidden Treasures [with interview]
Emilie Autumn - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Annie Barker - Mountains and Tumult [with exclusive interview]
Bebek - Self-titled [with exclusive interview]
Marina Belica - decembergirl [with exclusive interview]
Sariah Bishop - Mute Malevolence [with interview]
Tara Blaise - Great Escape [with interview]
Bridin Brennan - Eyes Of Innocence [with interview]
Emma Bunton - Free Me [with interview]
Cameron Dezen - Mary's Daughter
Leslie DiNicola - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Eveyln Downing, Jamie Field and Mermaid Kiss - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Jo Gabriel - Living In The Evidence Of Love, Tinderbox and The Unreachable Sky [with interview]
Eleisha Eagle - Private School and Eleisha Eagle EP [with interview]
Jo Gabriel - Island [with interview]
Marlee Grabiel - Ready or Not [with interview]
Heart - Alive In Seattle, Jupiters Darling [with complete retrospective]
Rebecca Gohn - Recollections [with interview]
Priscilla Hernandez - The Underliving and Ancient Shadows [with interview]
Terami Hirsch - Entropy 29 [with interview]
Lily Holbrook - Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Lift - September and Lifelike
Courtney Jaye - Traveling Light [with interview]
Jennings - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Cara Jones - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Sarah Lentz - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Tara MacLean - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Charlotte Martin - "The Darkest Hour" [our second interview]
Charlotte Martin - A Weekend With Charlotte Martin [our third interview]
Charlotte Martin - Something Like A DVD [our fourth interview]
Charlotte Martin - Stromata [our fifth interview]
Bonnie McKee - Trouble [with interview]
Silje Nergaard - Port Of Call, At First Light and Nightwatch
Heather Nova - [Entire Catalog] [with indepth interview]
Mandalay - Solace [with interview]
Megan Manoram - Brand New Dress [with interview]
Maren Ord - Waiting, Not Today [with interview]
Angela Ortiz - All About You [with interview]
Paper Aeroplanes - Little Letters [with interview]
Pale Beneath The Blue - Hologram [with interview]
Flo Paris - Practice Room [with interview]
Jennifer Parsignault - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Jemima Price - Easy [with interview]
Rachael Sage - Morbid Romantic and Smashing The Serene [with interview]
Rachael Sage - The Blistering Sun [with interview and links to reviews of entire catalog]
Rhe - Fairy Tales & Happy Endings [with interview]
Jeni Saint - Hypnotise [with interview]
Sabrina - Euphoria [with interview]
Astrid Swan - Poverina [with interview]
Aria Tesolin - Ascension [with indepth interview]
Kristy Thirsk - Souvenir [with interview]
Sylvia Tosun - Too Close To The Sun [with interview]
Sylvia Tosun - The Venus Concert DVD [with interview]
Various Artists - Heavenly Voices Part V
Viia - Self-titled Sampler [with exclusive Vik Levak and Jody Quine interview]
Waking The Witch - Like Everybody [with interview]
Xyra and Verborgen - Where Glass Birds Fly, Shadows Of Light and Frightening Beauty
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