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Feature articles and in-depth reviews of the latest albums by contemporary, progressive and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based and snail mail resources are typically included. Click on the title to view the article.

Digest Reviews
Celtic and World
Contemporary Crossover

Stephanie Adlington - No Longer The Other Woman [exclusive interview]
After Forever - [Entire Catalog]
Alchemy VII - The Magick
Ambeon - Fate of a Dreamer
aRABESQUE - [Entire Catalog]
Arise From Thorns / Brave - S/T and Before An Audience Of Stars
Artrosis - [Entire Catalog]
This Ascension - Sever
ATempo - Abismos del Tiempo (Abysses of Time)
Dave Bainbridge (Iona) - Veil Of Gossamer [w/Joanne Hogg, Rachel Jones, Mae McKenna]
Beto V�zquez Inifinty - Self-titled, featuring Sabine Edelsbacher, Candice Night and Tarja Turunen
Blackmore's Night - [Entire Catalog]
Lisa Bouchelle - [Entire Catalog]
Brave - Searching for the Sun
Chandeen - Spacerider - Love At First Sight
Chandeen - Bikes and Pyramids
Chandeen - Echoes
Chandeen - Pandora's Box [and illustrated band retrospective]
Tracy Cloud - Love Changes
Cosmic Stepping Stones - Symbiotica, Garden and Cosmic Stepping Stones [with interview]
Dagmar 41 - Ferric, Ivyation and Unsailable
Dream Aria - In The Wake [with interview]
Edenbridge - Sunrise In Eden, Arcana and Aphelion
Epica - The Phantom Agony [with interview]
Epica - Consign To Oblivion [with interview]
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy [with interview]
Connie Ianieri - Three Faces Of Eve
Glass Hammer - Shadowlands [with interview]
Goddess Is Human - Being Human [with interview]
Grey Eye Glances - A Little Voodoo
Christine Guldbrandsen - [Entire Catalot] [with interview]
Haven - The Road
Anne Marie Helder - The Contact [with interview]
Tracy Hitchings - [Entire Catalog]
Hungry Lucy - Apparitions
Iona - Woven Cord
Iona - Open Sky
Iona - The River Flows (box set)
Janison Edge - The Services Of Mary Goode
Karnataka - The Storm
Karnataka - Karnataka In Concert [DVD]
Karnataka - Delicate Flame Of Desire Review
Karnataka - Delicate Flame Of Desire Interview
Karnataka - Strange Behaviour
Lacuna Coil - [Entire Catalog] [with interview]
Lacuna Coil - Karmacode [with interview]
Lana Lane - [Entire Catalog]
Leger de Main - Second First Impression
Luna Rossa - Sleepling Pills & Lullabies [with interview]
Timothy Martin - Tears and Pavan and The Spirit Spring
Magenta - Revolutions
Magenta - Seven and "Broken" EP
Magenta - Exclusive Spring 2004 Interview and Concerts Review
Magenta - Another Time, Another Place and "I'm Alive" EP
Magenta - Home and New York Suite [with interview]
Medea - Dreams & Revelations
Mermaid Kiss - Mermaid Kiss [with interview]
Mermaid Kiss - Etarlis [with interview]
Moonlight - Kalpa Taru, Meren Re, Floe
Mostly Autumn - [1998-2002 Catalog]
Mostly Autumn - The Story So Far (DVD and CD) [with interview]
Mostly Autumn - Passengers
Mysterkah - Fresq
Nexus - Detr�s del Umbral and Metanoia
Nexx - Colours
Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - Jabberwocky
Nightwish - Angels Fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster and Century Child
Nightwish - Wishmastour 2000 and From Wishes To Eternity - Live
Panic Room - Visionary Position [with exclusive interviews]
P�r Lindh Project - Live In America
Persephone's Dream - Opposition, MoonSpell and Evening Mirage
Projeto Caleidosc�pio - O Sete (Seven)
October Project - Different Eyes
Quecia - This Is Where We Are
Quidam - Sny Aniolow
Quidam - Baja Prog-Live In Mexico '99
Renaissance - BBC Sessions
Second Story - Self-titled, Move My Mind and ART
Sleeping Giant - Primates
Strangers On A Train - The Key Part 1: The Prophecy & Part 2: The Labyrinth
Stream of Passion - Embrace The Storm [with Marcela Bovio interview]
Syrens Call - Fantasea
Fanni V�lgyessy Szomor / You And I - You And I, Dawning, Go
Trance Of Mine - Reflections
Transcendence - Eternal Stream and Labyrinth (Pre-production Promo 1998)
Turquoise - Turquoise and Po Drugiej Stronie
Judie Tzuke - Over The Moon, Secret Agent, Six Days Before The Flood, Queen Scret Keeper
U I Blue - Songbird's Cry [with exclusive interview]
Within Temptation - [Entire Catalog]
Rick Wakeman - Journey To The Centre of The Earth DVD
Rick Wakeman - The Legend: Live In Concert 2000 DVD
Rick Wakeman - Live In Buenos Aires DVD
Waking In The Blue - Isn't It Pretty To Think So?
Yes - In A Word (box set), Yes Symphonic Live (DVD) and Live At Jones Beach 2002
Yesterdays - Holdf�nykert (Moonlit Garden) [with extensive interviews]
You And I - Exit
Michelle Young - [Entire Catalog]
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